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top 20 most interesting facts about girls you must know

top 20 most interesting facts about girls you must know

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facts about girls

top 20 most interesting facts about girls you must know:-

it is said that it is difficult to understand a girl or a women.even many people say that no one has understood them till today. that is why because no one can guess when the mood of any girl will change.
But if we talk about relationship then girls live in confusion till they get married. in the survey which is conducted by girls guiding organization in london it is asked from girls that “what do you think, at what age would you get married?” so 48% of girls said that at the age of 22 to 25, 31% of girls said that they would get married at the age of 26 to 29 and 12 percent think that their marriage would be between 30 to 34 years of age.
there were 2 percent girls in the survey who said that they would get married before 16 years while 6 percent said that between 19 and 21 years and 2 percent they would be married between the age of 35 and 39 years.

this guess of girls may not be too shocking for you, but you will definately be shocked by reading the facts related to girls which we are going to present in the slider. most of these facts are related to the relationship.

so you must know these facts – “top 20 most interesting facts about girls you must know.”

1. girls like to feel special

girls like it very well when they feel special themselves instead of others, that is, when they get a lot of preference by others.

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fact about girl

2. likes to talk dirty

such as boys like to talk dirty, similarly, even girls also like to talk vulgar things as much as boy.

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facts about girl

3. do not like to like

girls do not like to lie, especially in relationship matters.

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fact about girls

4. girls are more talkative

as we all know that in talking, girls are far ahead of boys.

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facts about girls

5. weep in the heart

if girls are sad but not crying, then it means they are crying in the hurt.

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facts about girls

6. girls like false praise

girls love to listen praise about themselves, even if they are false compliments.

facts about girls

7. do not be too serious

if you become too serious when talking to girls, then they eliminate talking.

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facts about girls

8. we do not understand their behavior

what would be the behavior of any girl, you can not understand it at first sight.

facts about girls

9. tears in eyes

whenever any person speaks such as things which is in the mind of any girl, then after listening to it, the eyes of the girl definately infuse with tears.

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facts about girls

10. sentiment of girls

girls are so sensitive that if a boy tells a very centimental thing, then she does not forget in her life.

facts about girls

11. dreams in the day

girls keep dreaming about her crush all the day, but they are never obvious.

dreams in day
facts about girls

12. girls dislike everything in against of their favourite person

girls do not like to hear a word against their favourite person

facts about girls

13. like to call by name

if girls are called by their name by anybody, they like them very much.

girls-like love
facts about girls

14. girls think about that person

every minute thinks about that person who is in love with them.

facts about girls

15. it is good to give advice

if some one asks for advice from girl, they like it very much, also like to give advice.

facts about girls

16. if the girl cooks something for you

if any girl especially cooks something for you, then understand that you are very special for her

facts about girls

17. do not ever say this from girls

never say it to girls that they are not of any use. they find this thing very bad.

facts about girls

18. likes to keep hands on her waist

if boyfriend puts his hand on her waist, then girls have a very pleasant feeling

facts about girls

19. do not guess girl’s feelings

if a girl goes crazy, do not guess her feeling, but rather ask her directly

facts about girls

20. first crush

girls do not ever forget their first crush.

facts about girls


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